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CE 6

[Post New]by icypup on Nov 14, 17 8:31 PM
still hanging out on this level. Can't get gold. More direction please.

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Re:CE 6

[Post New]by mjdixon on Nov 21, 17 5:39 PM
Sorry if this is too disjointed but here is what I did - I finally got gold after umpteen times! I upgraded car immediately. While doing that I sent the worker to water bubble and the bubble after that. After car upgrade I sent that worker to haystack. I used item bonus and started collecting with the girl. I then built and upgraded the food and the bricks. I built the material machine and the soda machine by the food and the mobile store by the brick. While waiting to get money to break the rock I got the other bubble, filled the hole and built soda machine. Once I broke the rock I worked both ways (I can't remember but I think I also upgraded car). I sent worker to build garage and other workers to get tools. When they got close back to car I used item bonus and collected items. After that I worked to the bottom to get the bridge built, obstacle removed and built bank and money machine. All the time collecting items, breaking obstacle at top, building bank, opening gate, getting gangster behind gate, building money machine and soda machine. DON'T get the gangster in front of the gate and DON'T get the key. Build all the banks and upgrade as you can. Get the gangster in the car and the other one by him and build that soda machine...by this point you should be close to the money goal. After the couple of item bonuses I used in the beginning I used the speed bonus and the time bonus. The key is to not get gangster in front of gate and don't get key to open gate. I hope this helps.

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