NEED HELP PLEASE ... vhpbdqt.exe in Cake Mania 3 ... virus????

[Post New]by dianaincognito on May 9, 10 9:55 AM
I recently changed my antivirus/firewall program to AVIRA. It keeps telling me that Cake Mania 3 which I downloaded from Big Fish a looooong time ago, has a virus. I've searched for the file which is located in the Big Fish Cake Mania 3 folder ... says its an application ... properties won't tell me anything ... have no idea what it is, what it does, if it is necessary to play the game, if it is part of the DRM .... ????

It is found in:
C:\Users\owner\Documents\GAMES - BIG FISH\Cake Mania 3\vhpbdqt.exe

AVIRA states 'vhpbdqt.exe' is malware. States a virus or unwanted program has been found in the above file. States access to this file was denied and to please select a further action - either remove or details. I've tried to have the program ignore it --- it won't. Comes up every single time! Calls it a 'TR/Agent. 1103176.A' and it is specifically the vhpbdqt.exe file/application.

As I have said, I have searched and found the particular file/application within the Big Fish Cake Mania 3 file ... but I have no idea what it is. The application properties will not tell me anything about it. Tried doing a search on google and had one result ... in french! *sigh*

I've had Cake Mania 3 for years, no malware, virus, etc., notifications prior to my newest virus/firewall of AVIRA.

Can anyone please tell me what the vhpbdqt.exe file is within Cake Mania 3 which I downloaded from Big Fish ... whether you also have this file ... and whether it is a virus or a necessary file for the game???

Thank you for all your help!!!!

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