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Thanksgiving quests

[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Nov 15, 17 3:19 AM
Date within list is the first day that the collectible is available

The collections:
Verdant Gold Turkey 11/15
Michigan - amateur, fast, and picture , Arizona and Montana

Dark Turkey 11/15
Michigan- amateur, fast, and picture. Arizona and Montana

Happy Turkey 11/15
Minnesota - amateur, fast, and picture

Paper Turkey 11/15
Washington- Secret Library - fast (1:2 plays), and picture

Turkey in a Basket 11/15
Oregon - connoisseur- fast, picture, and silhouette

Turkey Service

Glazed Harvest 11/15
Connecticut, connoisseur level in fast and silhouette

Golden Gobbler 11/15
Washington- Secret Library - starts at connoisseur- amateur, fast, and picture

Ivory Wreath -11/15
Michigan- amateur, fast, and picture
Arizona and Montana and Florida- fast, picture, silhouette

Belle of the Birds - 11/15
Florida Connoisseur-fast, picture, silhouette

Magenta Rose 11/15
Minnesota - amateur, fast and picture

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Re:Thanksgiving quests

[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Nov 15, 17 3:27 AM
Fancy Gourds
Bicolor gourd 11/15
Ohio all modes

Candlemelt gourd 11/15 in Florida
and starting 11/17 Washington- Secret Library all four modes

Gold Dust gourd 11/15
Minnesota also available in Washington, Secret Library

Greendipped gourd 11/15
Idaho connoisseur :fast, picture, silhouette

Yellowdrop gourd 11/15
Washington- Secret Library

This last collection is going to be the cheapest energy wise to play for newer player but I seem to remember one of them not showing up till later in the event:

Corn Decorations
Los Hermanos .11/15
Nevada - all four modes on Professional level

Blue Sky 11/15
Florida -connoisseur level :fast, picture, silhouette

Cup-a-corn 11/15
Illinois- all modes

Cornucopia 11/15
Washington- Secret Library -connoisseur level- amateur, fast, and picture

Multimaze 11/15
South Dakota

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Re:Thanksgiving quests

[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Nov 15, 17 3:39 AM
Day One - starts Nov 15th
Alton:"You must be the new antique shop owner the stories talk about! Why don't you take this humble admirer on a tour?"

Q.1. - Take Alton to Pawpaw Grove. (Need to collect reward to move to next quest) Alton : "Pawpaw Grove is indeed beautiful! Though not to be a critic, but I think the place lacks a little something. I wonder how we can make this place a little more festive. Let's bring a bit more cheer to this town, shall we?".

Achievement Banner appears: Complete a Thanksgiving special quest. Get reward - cornbread x 1.

Q-2 Alton: "I think I know what's missing - autumn decorations!"
(80XP; $120)

2-a Decorate Pawpaw Grove with autumn décor - 34,500 coins

2-b Put up autumn leaf banners in Pawpaw Grove - 34,500 coins.

Décor are all found under Design icon lower left corner of main screen

Note: Not part of quests but If you already have the gnomes 6999 coins they get pilgrim outfits as part of the Autumn Décor package

Alton: "Pawpaw Grove is so beautiful, especially in the fall!"

Not part of the Thanksgiving quests but Odin Boxer also makes an appearance with 4 individual quests, only if you have already started on the AES compound and hit the requirements to get the Collectible Rewards quests

- Complete the Thanksgiving Fancy Gourds collection.
- Complete the Thanksgiving Ornaments collection.
- Complete the Thanksgiving Turkey service collection.
- Complete the Thanksgiving Corn Decoration collection.

Day 2 - Nov 16th
Alton: "I'd love to see what sort of flora and fauna can be found in Pawpaw Grove in the fall!
Alton:" Leaves, flowers, even insects, I'd love to see them all! Can you show me some samples?"

Q. 3.
- Help out at the Park Ranger's Office.
- Help out at the Botanical Garden.
- Help out at the Butterfly Sanctuary.
Alton: Living in a great neighborhood must be one of the things you are Thankful for this year!

Needed to do quest 3 in each of the places. TIP- to open #3 MG in each of these locations, you need to upgrade/fix each to level 2.

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Re:Thanksgiving quests

[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Nov 15, 17 3:51 AM
Day 3 - Nov 17th.
" I've heard about another part of Beechwood Cove called Dinhammer Alley. I so very much want to see it?"

Q. 4.
Take Alton to Dinhammer Alley.
"So this is where your famous arts and crafts are created! I'll go look around."

Q. 5.
"We should give Dinhammer Alley an autumn feel, too!"-
Decorate Dinhammer Alley with autumn décor. (34,999 Coins)
"Now Dinhammer Alley looks just as nice as Pawpaw Grove! "

Day 4 -Nov 18th
"Dinhammer Alley is alive with the sounds of craftsmen at work, but do people here shout at each other all the time? Sigh, The Bennet brothers are fighting again. Please don't mind them, they'll go back to ignoring each other soon."

"Fighting? But it's Thanksgiving! We need to set things straight and convince these brothers to set aside their differences."

Q.6. 6-a Vincent Bennet at Vincent's Studio- "Fine, if you give me a hand I'll get off my brother's case just for Thanksgiving."
- Visit Vincent's Studio. (play the special #18 The First Thanksgiving Restoration[/u] Not the regular #18

6-b Sean Bennet at Bennet's Photography
"You helped Vincent at his studio? Then you should help me at mine, too!"
Visit Bennet's Photography, play mini game, Queen Sophia, #3

Alton : "Don't you just love the peaceful sounds of busy craftsmen at work?"

Day 5- Nov 19th.
"Now that I've seen your town, I'd like a tour of your antique shop next! Will you show me?
Grace Anderson:" Your visitor has travelled far and wide to see us, we ought to do something special with the antique shop for him!: How about customizing the antique shop first?"

"You can customize your shop? Interesting, I'd like to see that!"

Q. 7. - Upgrade or customize your antique shop, which ever level is next in your own game.

"You have no idea how much you've inspired me, thank you so much!"

*********Achievements Banner appears*******
Complete 7 Thanksgiving special quests. Get reward - Puritan Ran x1. Reward collected. Puritan Ran appears in the Guises of Ran collection under the Special Tab in collections.

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Re:Thanksgiving quests

[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Nov 15, 17 5:39 AM
Forum posting is behaving badly. More later.

Addendum. There is something in the material that I am trying to cut and paste that just will not work. I have no choice but to cut down to the essential information.

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Re:Thanksgiving quests

[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Nov 15, 17 5:54 PM
Day 5 - Nov 19 Continued.

Q 8
- Decorate Breezy Bay with autumn décor 34,500 Coin
- Put up autumn leaf banners in Breezy Bay 24,999 Coin
- Customize the fountain to The Scarecrow 24,999 Coin

Day 6 Nov 20, 2015.
Q. 9. Take Alton to the Red Mine.
Get the Los Hemanos for the Corn Decoration collection

Day 7 Nov 21
Q. 10. Take Alton to the library.
At the Beechwood Library, Play #3 MG - Grand Capitals Tour

Day 8 Nov 22
Q. 11 Help out at the barn.
Go to Dolores' Barn, Tucumcari, New Mexico & do the HOS. Collect reward.

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Re:Thanksgiving quests

[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Nov 15, 17 5:59 PM
Day 9 Nov 23rd.

Q 12 Ask Victoria for the Thanksgiving postcards at the aviary.
At Polly's Bird Watching/ Audubon Society, Play #3 MG - Bluejay and Bob.

Achievement Banner appeared.
Complete 12 Thanksgiving special quests. Get reward - pumpkin pie x 1.

Day 10 Nov 24th.

Q. 13 - Ask stamps from the stamp collector.
At Philip's Place, Breezy Bay, Play #18 MG, special, Thanks for Giving Gobblers.

Day 11 Nov 25th.

Q. 14.
- Find the Glazed Harvest plate. Captain Matthew's - Bridgeport, Connecticut.
- Find the Golden Gobbler plate. Secret Library - Bellingham, Washington.

Note: You get two of the same plates per play if you do not close the quest or accept the reward.- BlueX

Day 12 Nov 26th
"Ready to find a few more of the Thanksgiving themed plates?"

Q. 15.
- Find the Ivory Wreath plate. Carnival, Salina, Kansas.
- Find the Belle of the Birds. Pensacola, Florida.
- Find the Magenta Rose plate. Red Mine, Elko, Nevada

Temporary places for the Ivory Wreath plate & the Magenta Rose plate. When I completed the quest, they disappeared off the reward bar of these locations. - Aussie Dot

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Re:Thanksgiving quests

[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Nov 15, 17 6:02 PM
Day 13 - Nov 27

Q 16. - Help Aylen restore broken porcelain.
At Aylen's Porcelain Place, Play #18b MG - Warm Cornucopia.
Special #18 with regular collectible - Wedding Dress Platinum collection

Day 14 Nov 28th
Q. 17.
- Upgrade or customize the diner.

Achievement Banner appeared:
Completed 17 Thanksgiving special quests. Get reward - Thanksgiving Turkey x1.

Make sure you are logged on to game before leaving it - throw keys, check auction, see if you can send a message to someone on friends list - if you CAN you are logged on, if not you are not and could lose all progress made. DO NOT complain about missing items if you do not use this step in your play.

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Re:Thanksgiving quests

[Post New]by silverslicker on Nov 17, 17 5:31 PM
Hi All, can anyone tell me where to get the gnomes. I have checked in the design place and I can't seem to find them. Thank you for your help and know that it is greatly appreciated.

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Re:Thanksgiving quests

[Post New]by nalanug on Nov 18, 17 10:14 AM
You can get the gnomes in PawPaw grove with yhe design button.

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Re:Thanksgiving quests

[Post New]by moxymaxy on Nov 28, 17 8:01 PM
I did all 17 quests and got the completion banner and Alton's goodbye speech. However, game still shows 16/17 .

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Re:Thanksgiving quests

[Post New]by Dirk_Tee on Nov 29, 17 1:25 AM
Did you turn in your Thanksgiving collections ?
There is no quest telling you to do that, but it counts as an achievement.


Re:Thanksgiving quests

[Post New]by zzeldaa on Nov 29, 17 10:31 AM
I diden't get my gold when I was finish whit all my quest in Thanksgiving quest

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Re:Thanksgiving quests

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