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Treasure Vault 3 - Boulder Puzzle 3?

[Post New]by Paradell on May 9, 10 11:29 AM
OK this is getting tough......I'm stuck in the third room of Treasure Vault #3 (I think this is the third one...) and it has a blue barrel blocking the narrow lava stream and a green barrel in the top right corner. I have been woroking on this one for two hours and am ready to give up.

I know I need to blow up all of the blue stuff first in order to roll the brown boulder into the narrow lava stream in order to cross over to where the green barrel is, but I can't figure out how to do it!

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Re:Treasure Vault 3 - Boulder Puzzle 3?

[Post New]by Daniel_JW on May 9, 10 5:34 PM
First push the blue block down and then left four squares. Now push the brown rock that is close to it right and then up.

Push the blue block right one square, then push the rock that is to the left of it right and then up.

Push the blue block left, up two squares, right. Push the remaining blue rock right, then up. Push the blue block next to the barrel and then press the blue switch.

You will now be able to push the brown rock right into the lava. Go across the lava and push the green barrel across to the middle island. Now just use the green barrel to get all of the green rocks to stick together then blow them up.

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