Is it possible that some levels can't be won?

[Post New]by graygranny_21 on Nov 15, 17 9:07 PM
This is a great game, have most of them but have found a level I just can't beat.
In the Neverending segment, 3 options, Blood, Sweat, Tears. The tears option has several levels of "Coins in the cushions". I'm at level 5 and it's just impossible to beat this! Has anyone found a way? Can be frustrating and I hate to quit.
Thanks for any idea.

Update....many days later! I finally did it. I guess it pays to never give up. I really thought I would never win this level....but somehow i managed. Final thought.
I'm never, ever playing this level again :o)

Thanks to all who listened. Don't give up!

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