Complete achievements list - what am I missing?

[Post New]by Sarsmi on Nov 18, 17 6:11 PM
All of the tokens next to the achievements are colored in (not greyed out), and I have three stars in the 5 categories that give up to 3 stars (as far as I can tell). Has anyone else gotten all of the achievements to tell me what I'm missing?

Odin's Other Eye
- Find 6 objects in 8 seconds (three stars)
Mind of a Seer
- Find 200 objects (three stars)
Meticulous Adventurer
- Finish a HOP without any mistakes
An Epic Raid
- Finish three HOPs without using a hint in 60 seconds (three stars)
Out-tricking Loki
- Solve a mini-game in under 30 seconds (three stars)
Strength in Wisdom
- Solve three mini-games without skipping (three stars)
- Use fast travel via the map one time
Hail the Creators
- Watch the entire credits
The Wild Hunt
- Collect all morphing objects
Ever Vigilant
- Collect all Yggdrasil tiles
Glory Quest
- Achieve gold medals in all HOP scenes from the Extras menu
Worthy of Valhalla
- Collect every illustration segment
- Collect all trophies
- Read every journal entry

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