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Level 69

[Post New]by Charango on Nov 20, 17 9:03 PM
Wow this game is really buggy. Now I'm at level 69, and the game doesn't start when you push play. Instead there are just a bunch of clouds. Anybody find a fix to get around this one.


Re:Level 69

[Post New]by patti1Az on Feb 21, 18 9:30 AM
just finished 69 and tried to play 70,,,but all I get is clouds........if 69 the last of the levels?Play someone let me know what is happening as this is a good game

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Re:Level 69

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Feb 21, 18 9:35 AM
Welcome to the pond!

First, the game is endless. If you fully completed the castle and got the dialog from the leprechaun, you are essentially "done" but can keep playing on for the sake of playing on. There isn't anything else to accomplish otherwise.

The clouds thing sounds like a glitch. It was posted elsewhere that if you toggle the game mode between normal (limited moves) and relaxed a few times it will regenerate the level for you. You might have to play a bit in the other mode first before trying to toggle it again before it "works".

I don't know how that glitch is triggered because it never happened with me, but another player mentioned something about leaving the game alone for a while and then it happened, so it might be something to do with the game not liking it if your screensaver tries to come on after a while, or if your computer is set to go to sleep after a period of inactivity.

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