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Game completed but no Trophy

[Post New]by alinarouge on May 10, 10 8:05 AM
Ciao from Rome - Italy.

I completed the game (Casual, Expert and Free) and got all the achievements (the list given has all the red flags) but I have not obtained the corresponding trophies:

- Ace Achierver (comple alò achievements)
- Casual Crusher
- Expert Eliminator
- Ruler of the Ranch (as a consequence)


Any idea?
Thanks a lot!!


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Re:Game completed but no Trophy

[Post New]by mariel9898 on May 16, 10 6:53 AM
I completed the game in casual mode without missing an order an did not get the trophy for that. Maybe there will be a patch or update?

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Re:Game completed but no Trophy

[Post New]by elizaew on May 16, 10 10:59 AM
Same here - I have gotten through casual mode three times without missing an order and still no trophy for it.


Re:Game completed but no Trophy

[Post New]by LindaF78 on May 18, 10 3:09 PM
Same here! Sooo annoying because I replayed the whole game two times just to get the trophys, as ridiculous as that sounds!


Re:Game completed but no Trophy

[Post New]by igrlcadm on May 18, 10 6:47 PM
I've also completed casual mode twice and expert mode once without failing an order and have received no trophies.

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Re:Game completed but no Trophy

[Post New]by pam1500 on May 25, 10 6:20 PM
I heard from Fresh Games that I should dl a new version of the game from Big Fish. I did, and did not lose where I was in the game. I was afraid I'd have to replay everything just to get the last trophy and achievement award, but after playing just one day, got them both! I'm very happy!


Re:Game completed but no Trophy

[Post New]by iaurhirwen on May 28, 10 12:46 AM
This bug has been fixed. You need to uninstall your version of the game and re-download it from BF. Luckily, all your game data is preserved so you don't have to start over. Just open up the trophy window and the ones you are missing should appear.

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Re:Game completed but no Trophy

[Post New]by PoochieK on Sep 22, 10 7:33 AM
You need to make sure to don't miss a order, cause if you do that one plays again if you're not paying attention you don't realize it. You get trophys for a lot of things, go to the trophy room find the easiest one and do that one. GOOD LUCK!

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