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Mechanical Body - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by sir_vival on Nov 21, 17 2:18 AM
@ Newbies:
'Secrets of Paris' and it's locations have to be opened

Wiki found
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Search for: Rooms of Memory Mechanical Body
Search for Wiki expedition page:
Rooms of Memory Secret Den

Advanced search refers to 6 pages?
Only page 1 available - page2 to 6 not available

Old locked threads:

Items are giftable
Charges are giftable, except 'Family Archive'

Locations are:
'The Bellows Manor'
'Secrets of Paris'

Helper 'Toto Takawa'
appears in: 'Secrets of Paris', rewards 800 gold, 40 experience

Dragon: 'Mechanicus'
Expedition Time: 2 h
Food: 19.000
Feed Times: 54
Room Time: 4h

Expedition room:
'Secret Den'

Reward: 'Mechanical Casket'
Chest contents:

Re:Mechanical Body

[Post New]by Tigger_tam on Feb 27, 15 8:31 PM

120 Silver Tarra
100 Gold Tarra
Flow From Mars Charge
Fire Dust Charge
Silver Dew Charge
7 Anaglyph Glasses
10 Fiery Seals
10 Paper Lanterns
10 Latin Scrolls
Honey Cell Charge
Platinum Slab Charge
Thermal Container Charge
Cold Boiling Charge
10 Crystal Harps
Plasma Battery Charge
5 Bells
5 Phase Watches
10 Blue Cheeses
5 Solar Lamps
10 Dragon Coins
10 Azure Grapes
15 Dragon Tablets
10 Summoning Cards
Neural Flash Charge
7 Old Amphora
5 Magic Magnifying Glasses
7 Paranormal Traps
30000 Coins

Seems Taka Takawa is an activist for #MeToo
Who might have grabbed her?
Happy guessing
Sir Vival

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Re:Mechanical Body - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by Cyberfox277 on Nov 22, 17 5:25 PM
The butler did it, of course Who else?

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