A word of warning

[Post New]by NoMoreDarkStuff on Nov 23, 17 7:36 PM
Dear All,

I would just urge you to be more selective with your search for games. Because everyone keeps on downloading and paying for dark and demonic-themed games, there is no options out there for everyone else to play a relaxing yet challenging hidden object names anymore. The reason is every time you pay for a such a game, the game developers that make those games make more money, squeezing out games that are of better quality but less bloody or demonic themed. You are essentially voting for what you want. And let's reflect on that for a second - is it healthy that our entertainment is all about demons, witches, zombies and stuff? Do a search on BF adventure games, 95% are dark and gloomy. Do you not see a trend here that theses companies are trying to feed you? And by constantly clicking these you are saying yes, I'll take whatever c rap you want to put in my mind. I am currently reading a book on human behavior and how spiritual stuff affects us. Yes you may not feel affected by this stuff today...but then don't be surprised by why your friends are depressed and crazy - or even yourself having suicidal thoughts. Human beings are wired to have emotions. Enough fiction it becomes true to the mind over time. So many people are already struggling with this stuff. I for one felt a couple times playing these games quite uncomfortable that the developers make the ghost talk directly at you and even said occult things. I am SURE most people would feel a moment of hesitation when they first play these games. But I am just saying you should trust that hesitation. Because I became very mindless and addicted for a while and became very demotivated with my normal life during that period.

So I for one am sick of coming on here and doing a search on adventure games and all the options are cursed blah blah, or spirits of the blah blah or some typical stuff like lost souls...etc. Instead of going with a good detective story that actually make you think, they just cut and paste some templates together and use the same color palettes. These companies are just giving us a formula now completely dependent on the "horror" factor. It is mind-numbing and the graphics are dated. The whole idea of relics, hidden charms and witches - so dated. I am so sick of having no options but having to face some demons on screen when I want to have a moment of positive fun, brighter outlook and actually some intelligent gamesplay.

Just a warning.

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