Level 29

[Post New]by mommymare on Nov 24, 17 5:39 PM
The last step is to fill the cart with 700 wood but the game will only allow the player to collect 650 wood. ?????

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Re:Level 29

[Post New]by BlueStarFish on Nov 25, 17 3:51 AM
The resource cap when you start a level (on hard mode at least) is 200 of each resource.
Upgrading the camp increases that cap with 50. So no the cap is 250.
Upgrading again adds another 50 to 300, and finally, upgrade to level 4 gives a storage capacity of 350 resource.

The storehouse will further increase this cap; building the storehouse increases the storage capacity with 300, to a total of 650 - and I guess this is where you are. You have the Camp at max level, and the Storehouse at level 1.

Now if you upgrade the Storehouse again it will add another 150 to storage capacity, which will get you above the 700 needed for filling the cart.


Re:Level 29

[Post New]by mommymare on Nov 25, 17 5:46 AM
Thank you so much!!


Re:Level 29

[Post New]by coulee70 on Jan 12, 18 3:58 PM
Thank-you for the tip.

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