Pirate Island, level 9

[Post New]by sushu1 on May 11, 10 12:08 AM
Royal Envoy, Pirate Island, level 9
I have seemingly got everything that is required, including the five 3 star cabins with gardens, but the game seems unwilling to accept this fact. I have lots of money, timber and workers/tax collectors, the market and the saw mill, but are npt allowed to continue to the next level. What am I doing wrong -- or is a bug lurking somewhere?


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Re:Pirate Island, level 9

[Post New]by Cherubabies on May 11, 10 1:12 AM

If this doesn't work then you have a bug -

Level 9


a. 1 sawmill

b. 1 market

c. 5 cabins with 3 stars

d. 20 Happiness

1. Build a sawmill.

2. Hire a total of 3 workers.

3. Keep the sawmill running.

4. Build a market.

5. Build cabins.

6. Build gardens and upgrade the cabins.

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Re:Pirate Island, level 9

[Post New]by LoriW on May 11, 10 2:57 PM
Are you sure you are building cabins and not cottages? I was doing that at first and couldn't work out for ages what was wrong. Some other people have done that or have been building the wrong things on levels like flowers instead of flower beds.

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