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Sprinter Achievement

[Post New]by Rob_Blake on Nov 25, 17 6:29 PM
What is the Sprinter Achievement? I completed the main and bonus game. I got every achievement except that one.

NVM. Since no one was able to take the time to answer my question here after reading my post, I searched and got my answer on another web site that answers questions and lists achievements for games. And I can tell from the answer that I would not have been able to get the achievement anyway, even if I had known what it was.

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Re:Sprinter Achievement

[Post New]by ajhart1975 on Jan 20, 18 3:13 AM
snap, I can't get the "Sprinter Achievement" either.
Nor the "Release All Ghosts Achievement" and it wont give me the Bonus Chapter achievement too...
Does any one have any ideas as I got all the morphing objects and the 68 owls.

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