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Level 27 Solution

[Post New]by unclepaul on Nov 26, 17 12:02 PM
I go back and replay older games nd this is one of the ones I have enjoyed. However Level 27 was a really hard one as you could not rely upon getting the 15 monsters to appear in the required time. Not even Sipason on the video play throughs was able to get it.
After much playing and replaying I was able to note that the first dragon a red one appeared lower right about 24 seconds after you pressed Start. But very occasionally I got a green dragon in the center bottom after 15 seconds.
I worked out how to start and get a lot more of these starting green dragons.
1. Press Start , Immediately repair the Candy Shop and if fast enough it provides an attraction for the green dragon to appear. Destroy the Elephant and buy 500 magic.
2. Build a Jewellers shop and put it on sale and once you get an offer accept and cancel the sale so that you still get the money yet do not actually sell (sounds like a con job, but seems to be a glitch that is needed to get through some levels. Keep doing this until you eventually have 2 other jeweller shops.
3. Destroy the Candyshop and build a Juggler and try and surround the workshop with Jugglers . Upgrade that first juggler to 3 stars so that it can support both the Workshop and the School of Magic.
Eventually you will have the Workshop upgraded to 2 or 3 stars to stop later breakdowns that will take time you on't have.
Keep the middle top position for a delivery service as well as you will need fast delivery at the end. Upgrade it to 2 stars.
Buy up magicians and magic quickly as well. Eventually I got just within the green.

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