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[Post New]by cathybobcat on Nov 26, 17 6:57 PM
Because of the few reviews, I wanted to add a comment that might be helpful to those reading the unfavorable opinions. I own all of these games except for Heart of the Storm. I have just bought this one and am enjoying it. The graphics are beautiful and even though there are too many puzzles, some of them are not taxing...those are generally the ones I complete...the easy ones. I always play in custom mode. The game play, story, and artwork in the graphics take precedent over the puzzles to me for this game. The colors are rich and atmospheric. I am disappointed that there are not many least not from the demo, but I still rather like the story and definitely the scenes. It does load slow and there are dialogues from the characters that you do not have to interact with ( which is a plus). The hint is very helpful, but does not teleport. The map will do that, however. I was not impressed with the map, but it is efficient enough and easy to navigate. I wondered about choosing the cards if it changes anything, but it does not. No matter what card you choose for that particular chapter will be the right one for that chapter. This is a game I will be relaxing with and taking my time to enjoy. Maybe you will, too.

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