im stuck!! HELP!!

[Post New]by laura_welsh on May 11, 10 12:49 PM
i have got 10 of the 16 but now im stuck aint found anything new for ages. there is something in the pond i have tried master farmer, bullder and the children but none of them seem to work. any ideas also the rock how to i carve that n the boulder at the back of the island? please help i love this game n wanna complete it but i just cant xxxx

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Re:im stuck!! HELP!!

[Post New]by puzzledone on May 11, 10 3:04 PM

Puzzle #11 - Restore the temple at the ruins (requires Level 3 of Construction). Drag a villager to the ruins in the southeast of the island and they will begin restoring the ruins.

Puzzle #12 - Requires puzzle #11 complete and Level 3 Spirituality. Drag a builder to the shiny rock on the west side of the village and they will chisel the rock to create an idol.

Puzzle #6 - You need to complete puzzle #5 first and have a villager with level 3 harvesting. Take a master farmer to the lagoon and they will start hunting fish. This may take awhile.

Hope this gets you unstuck. If you google the name of the game you will find the strategy guide free by the developer.


Re:im stuck!! HELP!!

[Post New]by Outbackdarling on Jun 5, 10 5:45 AM
Drop a master farmer into the may take a few attempts but they will find a strange fish...the fish of fertlity

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