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Description says 120 puzzlees, but there are only 72 ...

[Post New]by orchidna on Nov 28, 17 11:38 AM
I double-checked that the description said this game had 120 puzzles before I ordered it, and am VERY disappointed that it actually only has 72 puzzles (6 groups of 12 puzzles each). I absolutely love this kind of Mosaic puzzles (like patchwork quilts), and am always excited to see them available, especially as a Daily Deal.

Is there some 'secret' way to access the last 48 puzzles? I checked both timed and relaxed play, and each only has 72. Please help me get to the last 42 which are missing, almost a third of the advertised ones.

Thanks for ANY help!

(Customer support instructed me to post this here when I reported it to them.)

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