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Game Discount Eipix 50% off

[Post New]by am100other on Nov 28, 17 2:58 PM
as a game club member i cant help but feel we are bein let down with all these offers that are running on game prices, as today there is a 50% offer in this game, after buyin with 2 GC Credits, the game would have been cheaper to buy it using the code offered today, i feel that we members are being ripped off.

i.e (UK Prices)
Standard price non member - £15.42
Game Club Member - £10.80 (or 2 GC credits)
price with code EIPIX (today only) - £5.40

there are more instances of discounts during the year that i feel that we would be better off not buying GC credits and using them instead

any other opinions or is it just me?

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