Level 6 Keys & Locks

[Post New]by PanhandleMike on Nov 29, 17 11:40 AM
Do both keys in level 6 have to be freed up before either key will work in a lock?

I have been able to clear both locks and the rightmost key, but there are no matching tiles I can reach to unfreeze the tile below the leftmost key. The one I need is blocked and the one free key will not open either lock.

Any tips will be helpful & appreciated. Just started playing today so I'm less experienced with the game that a lot of you. Thanks!


Re:Level 6 Keys & Locks

[Post New]by PanhandleMike on Nov 30, 17 9:41 AM
OK, I accidentally discovered that the keys will slide once the adjacent tiles are cleared. That enabled me to eventually complete the level successfully. If the game is this difficult so early on, I take my hat off to those of you who have moved on to the higher-numbered levels!

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