Another request for wish lists

[Post New]by fishfingers10 on Nov 30, 17 3:58 AM
Can friends please put one item on their wish list that everyone has got I hate not gifting but some of you have only christmas decs or eggs, it would be a lot easier for everyone even if you just put one pet food on there, thanks in advance. Embers

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Re:Another request for wish lists

[Post New]by mamarose1900 on Nov 30, 17 8:00 AM
Agree. I just skip the people who don't have anything I can send. I'm at level 80 and have tons of stuff. I often spend gold for gifts, but I don't spend diamonds. And, if my friends don't have wish lists or don't have something I can send for an extended period of time, and they're not in the bunch of people I just swap with for Castle Challenges and stamps, or are special event buddies, I delete them.

Have fun stormin' the castle!

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Re:Another request for wish lists

[Post New]by sbaker2318 on Nov 30, 17 8:38 AM
I admit to having a fairly hard wish list........I cant take it down as I have folks gifting to the Consortium.........but I am SO behind on my gifting.......I look at the harder wish list as my way of "catching up"!

So to all my friends.........don't feel you NEED to gift.


Re:Another request for wish lists

[Post New]by RanRan0459 on Nov 30, 17 10:10 AM
I keep one hard item for “JustJohn.” Sometimes I get it.

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Re:Another request for wish lists

[Post New]by PenWeb on Nov 30, 17 11:37 AM
I agree with Embers.

On my lowest level (14) game started during this last event, I recently friended someone I cannot gift. He/she has 3 Christmas cards and a purple/brown stamp on the wish list. No way Hosay am I giving up one of my 5 purple/brown stamps at this level or giving up hard-earned diamonds for cards I don't yet have.

On my other high level games, I don't mind if their wish list has one or two hard items (that are red on my end), because they are usually kind enough to also have at least one easier one (for me).

Consortium members are in a different class altogether. They're allowed to have any Event item on their list, as they pass those on to others who need them.

Nell, Nell2 and One Cent

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Re:Another request for wish lists

[Post New]by mdpetdoc on Nov 30, 17 12:45 PM
My wish list is also a bit harder as a way of catching up and hoping Just John will send an item which he currently is doing about once a week.

I have a unique stamp on the list with Unique Swap on my Avatar and the date for which I am currently returning stamps. The more unique stamps I swap the more frequently they drop from the HOS. As long as the friend who sent the unique stamp has a unique stamp on their list, I send it back. If they do not have a unique stamp, I will send what I can.

When I put up an easy item like pet food (for about 1 hour), I received so much of it I spent two days sending a return gift for the pet food and fell 4 days behind on gifting.

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Re:Another request for wish lists

[Post New]by HennyMarie on Nov 30, 17 12:47 PM
Unfortunately we do not play the game exactly the same... that meens we don’t consider the same items good items for wishlist.. some need petfood and don’t see it as something easy to gift.. the same for stamps and airship items.. some like to buy items with gold, some like spending diamonds.. you can’t just say highlewel players have/need this and low lewel players have/need that.

BUT we all know eggs and crafted items are expensive and we can all put something less expensive on the list.

I truely believe, not very many players actually need anything.. exept maby players low on white stamps.. I remember that as a true pain

If we decide to finish achievements we will all need the thank you cards for the Trina quests.. and I know some of you say NEVER.. but one day it will be the one tjing you still have to do and then you need the cards... so better start collecting.

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Re:Another request for wish lists

[Post New]by AnnaDownes01 on Nov 30, 17 2:38 PM
At present I have a pumpkin and a plain stamp on my wish list on one of my games and a pumpkin on a second game.

Sometimes there will be a crafted item or an egg, not because I want people to gift them to me, but because I am transferring them from my game on my old computer, which is slowly, but surely, giving up its life.

That game is gifting only and I have an arrangement with many of may friends to gift them items that are costly to craft, or items that will help them to reach achievements.

mamarose1900, I have you as a friend on a couple of my games and want to let you know that I don't expect gifts, but I do work down my list alphabetically to make sure everybody gets a gift, hopefully, at least once a week. My two active games have around 100 friends each so it takes a while. I have a couple of pages or more of friends that are currently inactive or don't have a wish list up, but they will stay there until they decide to delete me. Many are event friends but some are long term friends who don't really need things or want to deprive their lower level friends of items they might need.

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Re:Another request for wish lists

[Post New]by kahlan11 on Nov 30, 17 3:21 PM
If someone can't gift an item on my wish list - so be it. Just give what you are able to or not - it's your choice.

I try to change my list everyday and don't think anyone should feel obligated to give something. On events (like the last one) I will put on an item or two I really need to complete a challenge or get a pet.

If a friend has the same item on their list for a week or two, I will gift once and not again until they change to something else unless it is for stamps - I have completed the achievements for these so happy to help out! If I don't have what you want or have one or two of that item then I can't help you out.

I only play one game (my choice) so don't have an array of items to add to my game play from another account. When I put an item on my list it is because I need it or will need it for a quest.

I too keep track of who gifts everyday and will gift back that way. I will gift to others I have not heard from once a day and usually get something back sometime during the week.

I would really appreciate it if any friends taking time off for whatever reason would indicate this on their profile, (and I have a couple of friends that do this everytime they are away from the game). I do understand that emergencies happen so impossible to let us know in that case.

I still enjoy playing and really looking forward to the Christmas/Holiday event!

Phantommom (Pat)

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Re:Another request for wish lists

[Post New]by Susanna502 on Dec 1, 17 4:30 PM
My wishlist always has a mix of easy and hard, but my friends list was getting so full of people I rarely or never received anything from even when I sent them a gift it was hard to keep track of the ones who were active so I did a major clearing. I have had a few people re-invite me and I accepted. If anyone else I deleted would like me to add you back just send an invite and I will. I will probably go back to my policy of not deleting anybody unnecessarily now.

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