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Games like Orchard

[Post New]by gailsgame on May 11, 10 11:00 PM
I bought Orchard last week and I love it.

I love the relaxed pace, so wanted to know if there are any other games out there with the same relaxed pace. I have Alice Greenfingers 2, but it doesn't have the same variety of goals so I find it a little boring after a while.

My favourite games are Orchard & My Tribe, so I guess it's games like that I'm looking for. I can't download a lot of trials as we only have a limited internet plan and I'll use up all our data.

Games I have tried and they don't work (I'm on a netbook) are Avalon, Be Rich, Little Folk of Farey, Wonderburg (opens but has a weird multi-coloured bar across the bottom). I like the sound of it though. I also have all the VV series and I'm bored with those.

It doesn't have to be farming, although I like farming games, just something that has a relaxed pace as I need to unwind with my games, not get more tense!


Re:Games like Orchard

[Post New]by slowjazz on Apr 16, 11 8:17 PM
A game I am almost certain you would like is Wandering Willows. It takes a while to complete, it has a nice relaxed pace, you can have a pet and train him to do chores for you, and trade up when you come along something cool. You harvest foods and materials and combine them to make new stuff.

Another game you would like is Island Castaway. It has more of a story line feel to it. You harvest and combine things like WW, but you also hunt, and fish as well. These, Orchard, and Life Quest are my favorite games.

You might like Life Quest,'s got it's flaws, but I was hooked. It's pretty simply, you play a teen just out of highschool in the 'big city'. You need a job, a place to live, and an education. You might like it.

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