Casting spells obligatory?

[Post New]by Curacao on Dec 3, 17 3:41 AM
Do I really have to cast spells in the first world before I can move on to the second world? I finished all 1-110 three times so I can't earn coins by playing quests. I can only harvest and sell fireflies to pay for the spells.

Before the update however I already entered the second world but I can't seem to enter it anymore because I'm told to finish 111-113 which I can't find.

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Re:Casting spells obligatory?

[Post New]by mpendo on Dec 3, 17 5:42 AM
Hi Curacao. Levels 111-113 (also called bonus levels 1-3) are near the top right of this world, to the right of the gate to the next world. Complete tier 1 of these levels and you will be able to enter next world. Completing all three tiers is relatively easy and helps a lot (310 coins) for cash flow.


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