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Veggies as ART????

[Post New]by Pleiadestar on May 12, 10 9:30 AM
Does anyone else here in the pond get nightmares from the puzzle games with veggies as art? I think those are some of the creepiest paintings that I have EVER seen!!! I cannot believe that a 52 year old woman who is NOT afraid of spiders can get so creeped out by a painting!

That being said...I purchased this game BY ACCIDENT - didn't like it - didn't WANT it...but now I got it so I'm playing it....

Get rid of the ?granddaughter? or whatever the heck she is - I REALLY don't need to see her tongue glinting in the light every shot of her - not to mention those vampire teeth of hers. Wellllll at least she doesn't have a tongue ring!

The Find the Differences aren't too bad - unless you have a difference in the extreme left or right of the which case you CAN'T click on it.

How in the fishy heck am I supposed to know trivia about paintings that I have never seen before? Or never heard of the artist? Or the year painted? I mean come ON!
Anyway my rant is done....

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