Stuck at thorny vines above butterfly pond

[Post New]by Chamelee on Dec 5, 17 8:08 PM
I am unable to find anything to slice through the thorny vines above the butterfly pond to find the stone to show to the alchemist. I assume his message means the stone is up those steps behind the vines. The only hint Mira can give me is a circle of stars around the vines. None of the other sites have anything to give now. Help please!

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Re:Stuck at thorny vines above butterfly pond

[Post New]by bridie47 on Jan 14, 18 5:19 PM
hi if I remember right, After you plant the seed in the patch of dirt and water it, climb into the room where you will find shears on the right of the table and other things for your inventory Attack the vines with this and there is a game to do as well. btw there is a walkthrough for this game if you get stuck ..Happy gaming

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