Gifts for Welsh Shelley

[Post New]by welshrarebit56 on Dec 7, 17 1:13 AM
Hi To All My Friends,

First things first, thank you all so much for your kind replies and "Hi's and Welcome Back" messages, I have had a bit of grit in my eye seeing them all.

I have been inundated with gifts on my wishlist, and once again thanks all, for them, one wish would be to have more slots to gift back, but alas that wish won't happen.
I will gift back as soon as I can.

Ok, I see on here in the forum, the Update for Ipads "should" be in my folder, going to have a look now, and get those pressies sent off.

Thanks again, Wonderful Friends.

Welsh Shelley

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Re:Gifts for Welsh Shelley

[Post New]by AuntieRoo on Dec 7, 17 2:24 AM
Hi Shelley, It's great to see you back with us. Sorry you missed the Fall Event.
Cross me off your list & just enjoy the new content.I have most of the fall event items if you want to get the new pets (only a couple of fur balls ) but you can get the pets anytime.


Re:Gifts for Welsh Shelley

[Post New]by Gamegirl1957 on Dec 7, 17 5:40 AM
Welcome back Shelly I hope everything is going well for you! Good to see you "green" again
Miss D

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