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Bonus Levels and Puzzle

[Post New]by GJMcG on Dec 7, 17 12:53 PM
Please help! I need an explanation.
I have the Collector's Edition and I got 3 stars on every level and I collected all of the puzzle pieces.
I have completed the castle part as well.
After level 50 there is a gray thing with a "?" on it, and it looks like what you click to get to the other levels. I clicked it, but it doesn't glow or turn gold like all the other levels did, so I'm not certain that my "click" actually did anything. But after trying to click it I then clicked on the "go" button and I got to play a level called "Let's Retreat".
Is that it?
Is that the bonus level?
And is there actually a puzzle that I should be able to open? If so, how????
Thanks so much to anyone who can explain this!!!

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