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A Very Nice Game

[Post New]by cathybobcat on Dec 8, 17 7:08 PM
I have only played the demo, but this is a different kind of game all its own with beautiful graphics. You are not overwhelmed with tasks and inventory items to collect. It is quiet and you don't have anything jumping out at you. There are butterflies to in each scene...most are easy to see. It's a nice addition to the game play. It seems like an older do have to click and drag the inventory items to their place, but you get used to that as you go along. It isn't that bad to have to do. The hint system is excellent and very helpful, doesn't take long to refill and does transport you...and there is a skip for puzzles. I am really enjoying going from room to room exploring and taking in the beauty and artistry. The graphics are quite detailed in some of the rooms and it is somewhat disappointing that there isn't more to do in them. Maybe later on in the game there will be. I haven't gotten that far yet. Graphics outside are nice, too. Enjoyed the hos, skipped most of the puzzles. There are extras included that are not available until you finish the game, so I don't know what they are yet. It is a game you just relax with... and take your time~

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