Save Failed

[Post New]by andreacast on Dec 10, 17 10:02 AM
I have been playing Farm Mania 2 for a while now, and for some reason when I got on the game today, the save didn't load. It got rid of my account completely, I can't log back into my level, and I was very far in and I don't want to redo all the levels.
Thanks for helping.

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Re:Save Failed

[Post New]by bfgArinelle on Dec 10, 17 10:23 AM
Hi andreacast,

First of all, welcome to the forums! I'm sorry to hear this happened. Sometimes save information doesn't load up correctly if the game is normally run as an Administrator but is then run normally or under a different profile. It can help to make sure that the same profile as usual is logged into the computer while trying to play, or to run the game either as an Administrator or as a regular user (whichever you'd normally do). In case it helps, here's more information about running as Administrator:

Run Game as Administrator

If that doesn't help, something could have gone wrong with the save files for the game, and there's usually not much that can be done to recover or repair those files. Starting a new profile, although certainly not an ideal solution, may be the best on at that point.

If there are any other issues or questions, you can send a message to our Technical Support Team or a PM to one of our Moderators. We'll be happy to assist however we can.


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