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AGON- The London Scene

[Post New]by Millanne on May 13, 10 2:35 PM
If this game was reviewed , as it should have been , before offering it for purchase, It would never have been added to the usual line of products. It definitely lowers the standards which we have been led to expect from Big Fish Games. Too bad.


Re:AGON- The London Scene

[Post New]by BeckyArtImagine on Jan 7, 11 7:31 AM
You know what guys, (removed by moderator). Almost all the posts here explain that this is a series-based game and that BF was caught unawares about how short it was and how difficult it might be to get the rest too late to change anything. (removed by moderator) and to be able to accept with grace and compassion when someone makes a mistake (we are all human), especially a game site so reliable and so great as this one. (removed by moderator), be glad that you got to play what you could, and what you can, and realize that OTHER STUDIOS are developing most of these games, and have their own agendas and made their own decisions for THEIR SPECIFIC NEEDS, and that Big Fish is being cool enough to search for them, research and test them, and then go through business agreements, and a bunch of management and copyright (removed by moderator)

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Re:AGON- The London Scene

[Post New]by Skulduggery on Jan 13, 11 9:03 PM
Um I had no idea this wasn't a complete game
I bought it earlier and only realized something was up when someone made an off-hand reference to the game not being complete - that is really not okay and I'm going to be contacting customer services about this.
Please don't assume what people do or don't know, or that more than a tiny percentage actually read the forums.
This also isn't the first time BF has done this and it would be fine if they stated it clearly on the game page that this isn't a complete game but they don't and that's not fair.

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Re:AGON- The London Scene

[Post New]by Martila on Jan 14, 11 4:41 AM
Skulduggery wrote:Um I had no idea this wasn't a complete game ...

Skulduggery, this IS a complete game.
This is one episode of a series but in itself absolutely complete. Not very long, but this is a "vintage" game - you are playing a classic.
The other parts are also complete and longer.

The existing AGON epsiodes are:
The London Scene
Adventues in Lapland
Pirates of Madagascar
The Lost Sword of Toledo.

(The Lapland and Madagascar episodes have been released on Big Fish titled "From Lapland to Madagascar" as a bundle - but again, this doesn't mean that the two episodes were incomplete).

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