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Is This Working Now?

[Post New]by Yaelle on Dec 11, 17 8:06 PM
I had the standard version. Had a couple of problems with it & I uninstalled. Then I realized there's a CE & I thought maybe I'd try that even though....waste of money lol...

But now when I came here to the forums to post my issue (arrow pointing me to literally nowhere when I get lost & use a hint) I see that there are a ton of problems.

I'm just not sure if they were fixed. I expect there wont be any replies to this question since this isn't a new game.

I really like certain aspects of this, so I totally want to give it a chance.

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Re:Is This Working Now?

[Post New]by bfgArinelle on Dec 12, 17 9:53 AM
Hi Yaelle,

It sounds like there has been some trouble progressing in the game, and the Hint feature doesn't seem to point toward the right place to go. Let's see if we can get things working a bit better. When the Hint feature doesn't seem to be working correctly, it can be due to particular files in the game not having what they need to function as intended. In those cases, it can help to reinstall the game, and also to try running the game as an Administrator. Steps for these possibilities can be found here:

Run Game as Administrator
Uninstall and Reinstall a Game

Should that not do the trick, we also have a walkthrough for the game to help guide players through even if the Hint feature isn't being as helpful as we'd like. I've included a link to that walkthrough as well:

Vampire Legends: The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bathory Walkthrough

Hopefully this will help get things moving in the right direction. If there are any other issues, please feel free to PM me or another Moderator anytime. You can also send a message to our Technical Support Team if troubleshooting doesn't resolve issues you've experienced. We're always happy to help as best we can.


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