little clock

[Post New]by janes12 on Dec 12, 17 7:28 AM
Can anyone tell me what that little "stop watch" - clock (appears in the upper left hand corner) ? is that counts down is. It appears every so often, counts down then goes away. I really enjoy this game. GREAT variation on mosaic puzzles.

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Re:little clock

[Post New]by heleanthia on Dec 12, 17 1:36 PM
I have the other two city mosaic game by this same developer (and love them) The little clock is a bonus achiever, I mean if you succeed in correctly doing several lines in a shortish time, it will pop up and award more points if you continue correctly filling lines! (but it is only for around 10 seconds I think )


Re:little clock

[Post New]by janes12 on Dec 12, 17 6:41 PM
thanks so much!

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