Laruaville 2

[Post New]by Sues_Games on Dec 13, 17 11:19 AM
The game board for the Laruaville 2 between spring and summer cannot be finished. I have been playing it for 3 months and cannot finish because the game says "no more matches" when I can see more matches. It is very frustrating, I have completed most of the others that are difficult but this one is out of my mind crazy making. I would like a hint or my money back for this. It cannot be done.


Re:Laruaville 2

[Post New]by Sues_Games on Dec 18, 17 2:16 PM
It is on Laruavilla 3 the match game between Spring and Summer. I see matches that can be made but the game stops me and says there are no more matches. Why does it do that

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