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is the developer haunted by Our Pets

[Post New]by gripes on Dec 13, 17 5:34 PM
?????? ... no I haven't lost my mind.. I have lost much loved and adored mini pins..

who were as nosey as nosey can be about what ii was up too ... on the computer

anyway...... a few months back while napping I swear I heard the Castles HeadMaster speaking with one of my mini pins... and actually asked him if he'd like to be a model for a animation or two of his....

while explaining to my mini pin male.. what a model was...I woke up...didn't think much more about it until.....

OOPS there he is... well his personality...his personality can be seen in the Christmas Turkey and in the Yellow mutt with the Children we can trade with..

ahhhhh maybe I am loosing my mind..

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