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[Post New]by niagru on May 14, 10 8:56 PM
Ok, I tried this game up until the final sixteen minutes of the one hour trial. Yikes, where to begin...Rotten story, not sure what it was about and got lost trying to follow it. Not even sure what it had to do with the actual plotline... not even sure how to explain the story even that's how confused I was by it. I played without the music so I cannot review that, but the little girl is waving her arms the whole time you are moving bricks into a design. She is off to the side and while you can ignore her it seems so ...annoying to see her off to the side in a rather jerky fashion moving the bricks with her arms.... Frankly I give this game a pass and since I am the first person to even review it here I can see why. I just thought it might be a hidden jem. But this is a hidden dud. Keep moving, not worth an hour of your time.

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[Post New]by bertiepuppy on Aug 17, 10 12:59 AM
I thought here is something nwer but...I have been playing now for 25 minutes and still haven't passed the first level and can't work out why I can't pass it - unless you can't have any blocks outside the green stuff - but they the level isn't possible anyway.

I love the amount of money I have saved at BF this year as there have been so few games worth a credit.

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