Christmas stories the little prince

[Post New]by jcwebb2009 on Dec 16, 17 9:54 PM
I am suppose to climb lamp pole using the fox and the violin bow. I can’t figure out how. Could someone help me. Thanks.

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Re:Christmas stories the little prince

[Post New]by bfgArinelle on Dec 17, 17 3:54 PM
Hi jcwebb2009,

It sounds like there's trouble completing the puzzle with the fox and the bow. This puzzle is a bit tricky in how to set it up, and I've included a solution below. Just highlight the blank space for more details.

First, use the fox on the pole to get a quick scene. Once that scene ends, try using the bow on the pole instead.

I hope this helps out. Please feel free to PM me or another Moderator if any more questions come up. Happy gaming!


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