The game is not opening

[Post New]by ayayay26 on Dec 17, 17 11:17 PM
At first it says 'blocked plug-in". I restart the mac, reinstall the game. The message disappears but game is still not opening.
I reinstall the shockwave and flash player, restart the mac etc, still not working either. Please help


Re:The game is not opening

[Post New]by pursacat on Apr 15, 18 9:22 AM
Mine isn't working either. I am on a MAC. I have tried uninstallin, reinstalling over and over. It wont work. I go to my BF game list and all my other games work except this one. I click on it and it makes a weird beep/click noise and does nothing. Sometimes I get an error that other games are running even tho no other game is running. I cannot get TS to respond to me about the issue and the only email I got from them was stating my membership is about to expire. And since they don't seem interested in helping me resolve this, I will probably let it expire and sign up with a different gaming site.

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