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[Post New]by cathybobcat on Dec 18, 17 4:29 PM
I remember playing the demo for the CE when it first came out...and I didn't last very long. Decided to try this again for the sale and finished the demo with 45 minutes left and I am a slow player, so the demo is short, but we do have a walkthrough as a referral.

I would not classify this as a Christmas game....doesn't exhibit a Christmas spirit at all to me. The story and game play was disjointed at times and I found it very confusing as to what to do and why. It is a rather bizarre game. The map was different and I didn't think it was that easy to navigate. To save time in the demo, I began using a hint frequently that refills in 5 seconds if you so choose. I couldn't stand the calendar puzzle or puzzles where you have to create a right picture by using arrows to complete that picture. It's a pain and not my idea of a good time. I'm not a puzzle fan, anyway. Got enough thinking to do. It was a relief not to have to mix any potions, though, so far, at least...never fond of those...and sure thought that one was coming. I was almost expecting a helper and thought when rescuing the puppy, "Here it comes", but it didn't. I couldn't help but wonder why they even put that in there, anyway. It didn't some other things in this game.

The graphics are beautiful, however, and because of that and Bonus Punch Monday, and the sale, I did buy this game, so if I do happen to finish this, I will be back to reply. I hope with being able to take my time with this game, it just may get better and not be a waste of time and money.

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