World Clocks Mini Game

[Post New]by walkswithdogs on Dec 19, 17 11:05 AM
Can anyone figure out how to set the last clock (I believe it is Sydney) 5-1/2 earlier. The hour hand moves but I can't figure out how to move the minute hand. The minute hand doesn't need to be moved on the other clocks. Thanks!

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Re:World Clocks Mini Game

[Post New]by Hoggywizard on Dec 19, 17 11:38 AM

Presume you're talking about the Bombay clock ... you don't in fact have to move the minute hand at all because it's in the right place. You only have to move the hour hand.


North Pole is 9:08, and Bombay is 5 and a half hours ahead (+5-1/2) ... so Bombay needs to be set to 2:38. The Minute hand is already at 38 minutes, so you just need to move the Hour hand to between the 2 and the 3.

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Re:World Clocks Mini Game

[Post New]by walkswithdogs on Dec 19, 17 1:34 PM
Thanks Hoggywizard. It was driving me crazy! I was setting the clocks according to the time that appeared on each one instead of comparing them to the north pole clock.

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