[Post New]by 16shaft on Dec 19, 17 12:42 PM
have found all the emeralds available but can not move forward says i have to find more emeralds to complete the castle help please



[Post New]by marciabruce on Dec 31, 17 6:45 AM
Having same problem with Extra Levels 240. Replayed previous games and still could not get into Level 240. Have 42 emeralds.

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[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Dec 31, 17 11:46 AM
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Unless you're playing on a Mac or bought the game elsewhere where it's possible they didn't give you the latest version, the latest patched version of the game seems to have the progression block completely fixed. Someone posted in the tech issues thread who'd had that problem before and said the newest version works for them.

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