Level 21 - getting to the worker

[Post New]by Rob1963 on Dec 20, 17 6:03 AM
It may be easy as heck , But, I can't figure out how to get to the third worker, can anyone help me, Please? Thanks.

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Re:Level 21 - getting to the worker

[Post New]by trenardy on Jan 5, 18 6:37 PM
I was stuck on that level too. I actually re-started that level a couple of times. Finally figured it out.........hope you have too by now

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Re:Level 21 - getting to the worker

[Post New]by plat1098 on Mar 10, 18 6:02 AM
Immediately build/repair forge and quarry. Open chest, cut 2 trees, get breadfruit.
Build lighthouse. On second island a worker is ready so get the fruit bowl and build farm. Stay away from rear of island where other worker is for now. Build sawmill next to temple, then boat ramp. On third island, clear path, build oil press. When third island was established and field upgraded, freed fourth worker on second island and opened chests. UPGRADED once: sawmill, field and forge. Used Horn of Plenty when all shacks were built. Used the Scales of Wealth when obtaining mana from temple. You need two huts upgraded twice and one basic hut on three lower lots.

Time points: 7037

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