can't play my game

[Post New]by VampireNN on Dec 20, 17 6:43 PM
anyone can help me how to fix this problem?

I try to start this game so many times but keep show me the error

error: access violation at 0*03150D50 (tried to read from 0*FFFFFFFF), program terminated.

where I need to fix about this game? I really don't know where I can find this problem


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Re:can't play my game

[Post New]by subcaptain on Dec 25, 17 2:53 AM
If noone has replied to ya try uninstalling the game manager and/or have it run as administrator. If this helps HAPPY HOLIDAYS. If it doesn't I'm sorry. Send a Dr, Felix Report.

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Re:can't play my game

[Post New]by bfgArinelle on Dec 28, 17 3:48 PM
Hi VampireNN,

I'm so sorry for the delay in a response during the holiday season! Access violation errors can come up for several different reasons, and subcaptain's tips may help address some of the potential causes. In case it helps, here are links related to those tips:

Run Game as Administrator
Reinstall the Big Fish Games App (Game Manager)

Updating software and drivers can also fix access violation errors, so please visit the following link for more details on that possibility:

Access Violation

When technical questions come up, we ask that our players post them in the designated Tech Issues thread for the game experiencing the issue. This helps keep the forum organized so our Moderators can respond quickly, and it also helps us track reports of issues from our players. For this game, that thread can be found here:

Please post any TECH ISSUES for Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's Morella Collector's Edition here.

Since this thread is about a tech issue, I'm going to go ahead and lock. If there are remaining questions, please post in the designated Tech Issues thread or contact one of our Moderators by PM. We'll be happy to continue assisting.


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