Funny/Strange Strategies?

[Post New]by Daphnis on May 19, 10 9:32 PM
Just out of curiosity, what are your craziest/stupidest/most daring strategies in Ranch Rush 2 and did they bomb or work out?


Re:Funny/Strange Strategies?

[Post New]by grecochris on May 31, 10 5:43 PM
I leave one last item on a storage board. Then, I fill all the machines and feed the animals till 3 full. This way, when I start the next day, I have a head start on the harder items.

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Re:Funny/Strange Strategies?

[Post New]by auntof6 on Feb 16, 11 8:57 PM
When an animal has its 3 items (milk, wool, etc.) and you don't need/want to pick them up right away, you can go ahead and feed the animal so it will be ready to produce again when you take the items. Just feed it 3 of whatever it eats. When you do this with the llamas, you can see them growing new hair while the sheared wool is still sitting there, and they're immediately ready to be shorn again as soon as you take the wool.

If you have room, you can move the barn closer to the things you're harvesting so you don't spend as much time running back and forth.

After the sprinklers are available, you can save a little money and/or space by not putting them everywhere. When a crop outside the range of a sprinkler needs water, use the move function to switch its position with one that's inside the sprinkler's range.

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