My Warmest Holiday Greetings

[Post New]by MaryCricket on Dec 23, 17 12:28 PM
Since many of you wont be on the forum tomorrow and or Monday, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas,

And a special thank you to all my friends for having your Christmas room 2 open, because of you I am half way towards getting 3 million coins. and given me the chance of having a wonderful Christmas Event -- Thank you

Merry Christmas Everyone

Happy Holidays to you

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Re:My Warmest Holiday Greetings

[Post New]by silver_hawk on Dec 23, 17 2:29 PM

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays (whichever you prefer) to everyone.

I'll be monitoring the forum should anyone out there with no holiday plans and playing MC because they have nothing better to do (like me ) needs any help.

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Re:My Warmest Holiday Greetings

[Post New]by Nickimine on Dec 23, 17 4:06 PM
Hi - Jean here!

You're offering help? Hmmmm, it seems I have a small blister forming in this one spot on my hand .... apparently where I hold the computer mouse.

Any suggestions? lol Actually my thought was to perhaps enjoy a glass of wine and conduct a tour of the Castle.

Merry Christmas!

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