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Relaxed Mode Tips and Hints

[Post New]by gimmegames on May 22, 10 12:49 AM
It's possible to play a slow deliberate game by just focusing on creating and using power-ups from the very start of the board. This strategy works till sometime in Chapter 3.

In Chapter 3, you can add to that strategy, keeping the multiplier in the upper right from going back down to 1 for as long as possible. That is, making every move break at least one background tile or using a power-up. So still a slow deliberate game is possible.

In Chapter 4, it continues to get harder to win levels. The latest addition to my strategy is to create several power-ups at a leisurely pace, but then activate them one after the other quickly enough to keep the meter on the left side up some, to try to gain some advantage from whatever that multiplier is. It took me several tries to win most levels, but I didn't feel stuck actually.

I just finished all 5 Chapters. Chapter 5 plays pretty much like chapter 4.

While unlocking all the boards and adventures does get rather tedious, you only have to do it *once*. You can choose to replay any level you've unlocked. You can try to earn achievements in the trophy room, improve your score, or ignore the score and just play however you like to remove the background tiles.

I'm glad I bought it.

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