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If you're stuck on Chapter 3 Bread for a No King

[Post New]by gimmegames on May 22, 10 5:42 AM
This was a tough one to beat, and totally baffling, but I beat it finally.

The intro screen apparently only tells half the story as to what you need to do. Round kept ending with a Failed Level screen. I was managing to get the eggs, fire, and flour, but no bread for the longest time. Had all 10 achievements, but still not winning it so I could move on.

I'm not sure if the potted plant figures into it, but there is a spot for it on the screen. And if you drop another on the same spot, the plant changes. When I won, it had varigated leaves. The snowman seems to be critical, which means he has to be there at the right time it seems (which the back story of the intro sort of slightly suggests). He's tricky because he keeps melting. There may be wrong and right places for the windmills - one spot gives you a large one while the others are in the distance.

Hope this helps some.

The good news is that I didn't run across any more difficult adventure rounds like this one in Chapter 4. In Chapter 5 there was one adventure I lost a couple times, so I just played it faster to win it.

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Re:If you're stuck on Chapter 3 Bread for a No King

[Post New]by DeltaCindy on May 27, 10 2:59 PM
Maybe we aren`t on the same game. Art Stories was a match 3 game. I don`t recall anything about snowmen or potted plants.

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