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Leaves and snakes

[Post New]by florianna98 on Dec 24, 17 7:17 PM
I read elsewhere that you need magic dust for the torch before you can get rid of the snakes. Where do you get that?

Also on the leaves, I can't find the last leaf. The hint button isn't helpful.

I realize this is an old game, but if anyone is still looking at this forum, some help would be appreciated.

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Re:Leaves and snakes

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Dec 25, 17 7:36 AM
Haven't played in a while, but if the magic dust isn't showing up from playing the M3 rooms, it will be the last object to find in a HOS. The thing with this game is that if you skipped some content somewhere or had to buy time or moves, it will make you replay that level somewhere later down the road, so everyone's game experience is different depending on how efficient you are in the levels with "doing everything".

With the leaves puzzle I just dragged any leaf that looked like it might fit the cutout onto the cutout to see if it fit there and anything that obviously wasn't the right shape I would drag into a discard pile. Sometimes you have to try a couple of times to get the cutout to take a leaf. It took a bit of rearranging all the stuff on the screen to get it right since there are so many leaves. I think a few of the leaves are slightly bent which might be throwing you off - if they are the general shape of one of the cutouts, try dragging them over to the cutout anyway.

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