cement (iron?) blocks

[Post New]by sita108 on May 23, 10 7:31 AM
I'm almost through the game and can't figure out how to get past these iron blocks. I've obviously muddled through somehow, to get where I am (level 35) but now I'm stuck!
Can you help? Thanks!


Re:cement (iron?) blocks

[Post New]by sita108 on May 25, 10 10:20 PM
Got it!

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Re:cement (iron?) blocks

[Post New]by POLLY1957 on Apr 27, 12 6:10 PM
I got stuck on level 31 with the blocks. Can somebody help me thru this group of blocks. I love playing this type of game, but I believe I have a mental block on these cement blocks. Please somebody help me..

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