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A Real Standout...A+

[Post New]by dianaluna on May 23, 10 10:25 AM
Wow! I rarely play Match 3 except for the Fishdom series, & I almost never enjoy time management games--I have enough trouble trying to manage MY time! But this game combines the two. The hour demo flew by! Not sure why it lagged on some computers but on mine this game flew and there are so many factors to get your restaurant up & profitable. You can start serving more complex recipes;you can upgrade the quality of your wines, vegetables, fish & meat; you can add soup machines and iced tea machines. You get invitations to cook-offs-the grapics are colorful & funny-you can even play your customers' favorite songs on a jukebox so they they will be more patient waiting for an order. just had so much fun with this--think I'll buy it...and it has several different restaurants, so it's a long game.
Really recommend you demo this one!

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Re:A Real Standout...A+

[Post New]by Lisa522 on Aug 20, 10 10:59 PM
This is a really great game with A LOT of extras. You basically are running a cooking school where you serve a multitude of colorful customers. Depending on what they order (there is a VAST recipe database, with all sorts of cuisines from different countries in addition that you can acquire & upgrade both ingredients and recipes on), you complete the orders and serve the customers. For bonuses, you can add things like iced tea or soup to their order. While waiting in line, you can give them cheesecake, cookies, pie, etc to raise their happiness. The amount of stuff you can customize (you choose the type of cuisine you want to serve - American, Asian, etc.) and then the actual dishes you will cook. From there, you can also visit the farmer's market to improve the quality of the ingredients. You can also purchase equipment upgrades and desserts and other specials to serve. This is one of those games that gives you even more than is required to make a fantastic game... and it shows.

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