How do you start a new garden

[Post New]by willie711 on May 24, 10 7:27 AM
I would like to start a new garden. I have played the so many time but the same garden is still there. The garden is to full to add any more to it. Please give me a tip how to start a new one.


Re:How do you start a new garden

[Post New]by reddaisy5 on Dec 30, 10 2:00 PM
Click on the "change player" button in the bottom left corner and give yourself a new name. It looks like there is room for 7 names or so. Then you can delete names which I think will delete the garden. The snapshot you get by clicking the camera will be in your pictures folder. I accidentally found out about this because my granddaughter wanted her own garden.

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Re:How do you start a new garden

[Post New]by duckyquack on Apr 27, 12 1:34 PM
It still is the same items to choose from and same garden. Need new items and new gardens.


Re:How do you start a new garden

[Post New]by Pen3ny on Jul 17, 12 7:45 PM
I have had same problem. Have tried using new name - didn't clear garden area. Finally, in desperation, I just moved old plants up and started a new game anyway.
Please, give us a way to prepare the area for a new game. I love this game but am frustrated by this situation. Thanks.

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