helppppppppppppppp plssssssssssssss

[Post New]by quesnay on May 24, 10 7:45 AM
someone can tell me how im past the level 42 in royal envoy pls

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helppppppppppppppp plssssssssssssss

[Post New]by pecabo1338 on May 24, 10 3:47 PM
quesnay wrote:someone can tell me how im past the level 42 in royal envoy pls

Level 42

Pick up or chop the 3 pieces of wood

Dig up 12 treasures in the back

Build sawmill next to castle on the empty lot

Hire 3 workers

Produce wood at the sawmill with all gold available

Pay ransom to pirate at the market and trade wood for money there

Build the bridge to the 4 lots

Build Villas on 2 lots, put siding on them both and make them 3 stars

Add gardens to Villas

Pay pirate at bank his ransom

Collect money from bank interest and market trades to made wood at sawmill

Now build 2 Cottages on the last 2 lots

Improve them to 3 stars

In the meantime, erect a yellow flower between the 2 Villas

Also erect a lantern and a yellow flower on the small spots between the 2 Cottages

Each house now has 30 happiness

I hope you can understand this

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